The best tasty Butter Mushroom Snack or Side

Healthy Butter Mushroom Snack

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Make some room for buttery Mushrooms. Get this protein – rich snack, easy quick fix. Make your sandwich/ breakfast/ omelet/ brunch extra special. Everyone loves their food when this side is beside.

Tasty Butter Mushroom Snack or Side

Here’s something new for your pallet to add zing to breakfast, lunch or dinner or at snack time. Add these mushrooms to sandwiches, paranthas, chapatti rolls or omelet. You can use it as side / addition to any meal.

Step 1

Wash the mushrooms and cut thin slices of whole mushrooms. Keep aside.

Step 2

Now heat a pan and add good amount of butter. When the butter is melted then spread the mushrooms on the butter. Once they are golden brown then toss the pan and cook till both sides are golden brown. To get perfect crispy mushrooms, do not over crowd the pan. Cook on a medium to high flame, slow cooking the MUSHROOMS will make them limp & soggy.

Step 3

Next, add grinded pepper on the mushrooms. Cook for 1-2 minutes with Black pepper.

Hint : One can add thin slices of Garlic in butter before adding mushrooms. One can garnish this a herb of choice like basil/ thyme.

Hint : Use fresh mushrooms and put aside for a little while after washing so that water is drained off properly.

Recipe by Garima Singal

She is lively and fun-loving person, co-founder with Master’s degree. She loves visiting places and enjoys adventure sports. Health conscious women who looks for healthy alternatives everywhere, which leads to creation and inventions of her homemade recipes. Look out for Homemade Garlic Bread.

  • 10 Min
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  • Skill: Easy


Adjust Servings:
Sliced Mushrooms: 2 Cups (One can dice the mushrooms with or without the mushroom sticks)
Black Pepper Powder: A pinch of Black pepper powder/ Grinded black Pepper
Amul Butter/ Olive oil: 2 – 3 TSP