How many times are you concerned about what food products are made up off? It is very difficult to find detailed information about each and every grocery food product at a single source / website/app. Especially now-a-days, when time is precious commodity and choices of products is ever increasing. One does not have the time to visit a store, let alone ponder & read details as well as instructions mentioned on each and every product before purchasing.

Bingo! We have come up with, it solves above problems and you can order products of your choice as per your convenience. has created advanced search functionality which enables you to filter and search products as per your needs. We have created Brownbag database to an excruciating detail, all products are brought-in then picture of each product is clicked, from the image data is extracted for each product and finally uploaded on the web/mobile application.

Finally, say not to irrelevant, time consuming search. Take an informed decision.

We are committed to make lives better, we work hard so you don’t have to.