• Zappfresh Sole Fish Tikka
Zappfresh Sole Fish Tikka


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If you are looking for a snack that is quick-to-cook and good-to-taste, then opt for sole. Packed with nutrients like Vitamin D and B-6, omega-3 fatty acids, it’s a rich source of lean proteins. The fish has no bones and hence makes for excellent fish fingers, fried snacks and curries with boneless fish chunks. You can make grilled/ baked fish in just 7-10 minutes after marinating in raw onion paste, turmeric, yogurt, vinegar and Indian spices.Cuts available: 1. Sole Fillet: Meat from the sides of the fresh fish is chopped and packaged hygienically as boneless pieces. Each package contains two pieces of fillet. 2. Sole Steak: The fish fillet is further cut into chunks (steaks), each weighing 180 to 200 gm. per piece. The pieces neither have the skin nor bones. 3. Sole Slice: Fresh fish fillet, without skin and bones, is further sliced, each weighing around 40-45 gm. 4. Sole Tikka: Tikkas are made from sole fillet, skinless and boneless, weighing around 40-45 gm.


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