• Zappfresh Mutton Chops 8 Pieces
Zappfresh Mutton Chops 8 Pieces


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Goat ribs have a succulent, rich flavor that is perfect for cooking Indian dishes. Goat meat chops are perfect for braising, roasting and stews, and develop an aromatic flavor when sautéed with onions, carrots, and garlic. It’s a great choice for preparing korma, barbeque, biryani and stew. They can also be marinated and then briefly fried or baked in the oven.nContrary to popular belief, goat meat is actually leaner than not only lamb and beef but also chicken. An 85g serving of cooked goat meat has lesser calories (122) than in the same amount of chicken (162). It also contains lesser fat (2.6g) in comparison with chicken (6.3g). Goat meat has surprisingly low amount of saturated fats (0.79g per serving) and about as much protein as other meats (23g). It also has considerably low amounts of cholesterol (63.8mg), making it one of the healthiest meats available.


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