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  • Veeba Diet Chipotle Southwest Dressing
  • Veeba Diet Chipotle Southwest Dressing
Veeba Diet Chipotle Southwest Dressing

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Made with quality ingredients

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Water, Refined Soyabean Oil (20.0%), Synthetic Vinegar [Water, Acetic Acid (INS260)], Milk Solids, Liquid Glucose, Permitted Emulsifiers and Stabilizers (INS1442, INS1450, INS415), Tomato Paste, Spices and Condiments, Iodised Salt, Sugar, Chilies (1.6%), Cheese, Permitted Acidity Regulator (INS 260, INS 330), Permitted Antioxidant (INS 319) and Permitted Sequestrant (INS 385).
Contains added flavours (Natrual flavouring substances)

Directions/How to use

Best before 5 months from manufacture.
Store in cool & dry place. Refrigerate after opening. Do not freeze.

Made in India

Manufactured By

Veeba Foods Services Pvt Ltd

Nutrition Facts of Veeba Diet Chipotle Southwest Dressing


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