• Sweta Jeera Khakhra
  • Sweta Jeera Khakhra
Sweta Jeera Khakhra


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100% Pure & Fresh.
Vaccum Packed
Wheat Crispy
Low Calorie Food

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Common Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Edible Oil, Iodized Salt

Directions/How to use

Thin Film of "Ghee" and "Masala" sprinkled between 2 Khakharas Micro waved for 15-30 seconds along with any of above 2 options. Thin film of green chutney (Sandwiched) between 2 Khakharas.


Is a spiced, crunchy Gujarati preparation, known for its unconventional taste, and it makes for a yummy light snack. Gunvant food Pvt Ltd is the only manufacturer of hygienic, hand made Sweta khakharas, with over 500 ladies working under one roo

Made in india

Manufactured By

Gunvant Foods

Nutrition Facts of Sweta Jeera Khakhra


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