• Sunfeast YIPEE Magic Masala Noodles
  • Sunfeast YIPEE Magic Masala Noodles
Sunfeast YIPEE Magic Masala Noodles

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Contains Added Flavour (S) Natural And Nature Indetical Flavouring Substances (curry & Masala)
No Added MSG.

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Noodles: Wheat Flour(81.8), Edible Vegetable Oil, Iodised Salt, Wheat Glutetn (0.4%), Mineral (Ins 170(I)), Guar Gum, Stablilizers [Ins 339(Ii), Ins 450(Iii) & Ins 452(I) And Acidity Regulators [Ins 501(I), & Ins 500(I)].

Masala Mix: Dehydrated Vegetable

Directions/How to use

1. Boil 250 ML Water (approx 2 Cup) & Add The Block Without Breaking To Get Long Noodles.
2. Add 1 Noodle Bolck Get Long Nooldes As You Do Not Have To Break It For Cooking.
3. Add 1 Masala Mix And Cook For 3 Minutes, Overturn The Block To Wet All Strand


Noodles With Masala Mix
Xtra Long Noodles With Wheat Protien
whats New = Round, Not Breaking , Longer, Sluprier,

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Itc Limited

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Itc Limited

Nutrition Facts of Sunfeast YIPEE Magic Masala Noodles


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