• Skykidz Kinder Grab Pebble Crayons
  • Skykidz Kinder Grab Pebble Crayons
Skykidz Kinder Grab Pebble Crayons


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Made for childrens ages 3+.

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Product contents

Quantity: 1 Set includes easy grip crayons, (4 coloured pebble shaped crayons).

Directions/How to use

Warning: Not suitable for children under 2 years.
Small parts (Choking).


Children draw to express what they are feeling and thinking. Drawing is an especially important outlet for children who do not yet have the verbal skills to communicate their feelings. Art is about discovery, using imagination, experimenting and trying out new methods and expressions. A Child starts to draw properly at the age of 5. until then the grip is not yet tight to hold thin crayons or sharp pencils, keeping this in the fore front, we have designed this product to be a part of a joyous and safe upbringing for your child.

1. 4 pebble shaped crayons for easy grip.
2. Made from non toxic materials.
3. Easily washable from clothes and surfaces.
4. Not harmful, if consumed.
5. In different assorted colours.
6. Loved by kids, trusted by parents.

Select the right crayon for the right age.
2+: Ball crayons for symbols & shapes stage.
3+: Pebble crayons for basic picture drawing.
4+: Finger crayons for better control while drawing & colouring.
5+: Art & Craft.

Made in India

Manufactured By

Clayo Products


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