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  • Saffola Total Blended Edible Vegetable Oil
  • Saffola Total Blended Edible Vegetable Oil
Saffola Total Blended Edible Vegetable Oil

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Pro Heart Conscious

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Physically Refined rice bran oil and refined Safflower(Kardi) Seed oil
Contains permitted Antioxidants [306, 304, 319, 330] and Anti-foaming Agent [900a]
Free from Argemone Oil


Saffola Total is a scientifically developed blended oil with an Anti-Oxidant System.
Saffola total contains Oryzanol, Vitamin A, D and is boosted with Antioxidants.
Saffola comes with LOSORB technology for less oil absorption.
Saffola encourage you and your family to take care of your heart by using less oil and a low saturated fat diet.
Saffola strongly recommends regular excercise and a balanced lifestyle.

Made in India

Manufactured By

Marico Ltd

Nutrition Facts of Saffola Total Blended Edible Vegetable Oil


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