• Rio Citrus Fusion Drink
  • Rio Citrus Fusion Drink
  • Rio Citrus Fusion Drink
Rio Citrus Fusion Drink


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No Caffeine.
Enriched with Honey and Vitamin C.

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Water, Sugar, Apple Juice (8%), Lemon Juice (2%), Carbon Dioxide (Ins290), Acidity Regulators (Ins296 & Ins330), Permitted Class Ii Preservative (Ins211), Vitamin C (Ins300) Andhoney
Contains Permitted Synthetic Colour (Ins124 & Ins102) And Permitted Natu

Directions/How to use

Tastes best when chilled


Get Rio-Ed With The Delightful Flavour Of Citrus Fruits The Sour Essence Of Lemon, Tangy Taste Of Sweet Lime And Freshness Of Orange Blends To Give You An Instant Mood Lift. Loaded With Vitamin C Enjoy Freshly Squeezed Fun In Every Sip You Take.

Product of India

Manufactured By

Silver Ice Beverages

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