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  • Real Mixed Fruit Juice
  • Real Mixed Fruit Juice
  • Real Mixed Fruit Juice
  • Real Mixed Fruit Juice
  • Real Mixed Fruit Juice
Real Mixed Fruit Juice

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Water, Mixed Fruit Concentrate (12.03 %) [Apple Juice Conc. (4.72%), Orange Juice Conc. (2.7%), Guava Puree (0.7%), Apricot Puree Conc. (0.65%), Mango Pulp Conc. (0.5%), Banana Puree (0.46%), Lime Juice Conc. (0.28%), Passion Fruit Juice Conc. (0.23%), Gu

Directions/How to use

Shake well before use!
Tastes best when served chilled. Refrigerate after opening and consume within 5 days.
Keep away from direct sunlight.


Something that's good for your child should also make him smile. That's why, what your child needs is a unique blend of fruit nutrition and irresistible taste. At Real, we believe that healthy is happy.
Rwal, knows that to deliver the best, you have to st

Made in Nepal

Manufactured By

Dabur Nepal Pvt Ltd

Marketed By

Dabur India Ltd

Nutrition Facts of Real Mixed Fruit Juice


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