• Patanjali Physically Refined Rice Bran Oil
  • Patanjali Physically Refined Rice Bran Oil
Patanjali Physically Refined Rice Bran Oil

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Veg Veg

Physically Refined.
Natural Oryzanol & Vitamin E.
Natural Antioxidant (Oryzanol & Vitamin E).
Natural Balanced Fatty Acids Profile.
Zero Cholesterol.
Free From Argemone Oil.
No conventional chemical process used.

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Ingredients: Contains Permitted Anti-Oxidants (INS 319) & Anti-Foaming Agent (900a).

Edible vegetable oil.

Directions/How to use

When stored in a cool & dry place away heat & light.


Rice Bran Oil, Balanced diet and active lifestyle is an ideal combination for good health.

Patanjali Rice Bran Oil - produced from Rice Bran the most nutritious part of rice.

Processed with the latest Physical Refining Technology, to retain Natural Antioxidants (Oryzanol), present only in Rice Bran Oil.

Its naturally balanced fatty acid composition makes it ideal for regular use as cooking oil.

Made in India

Manufactured By

Patanjali Ayurved Ltd.

Nutrition Facts of Patanjali Physically Refined Rice Bran Oil


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