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  • Patanjali Badam Pak
  • Patanjali Badam Pak
Patanjali Badam Pak

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Composition : Each 10G Contains:
Sugar (Saccharum Officinarum) 6600Mg
Almond (Prunus Amygdalus) 2200Mg
Clarified Butter (Clarified Butter) 880Mg
Indian Kudzu (Pueraria Tuberosa) 20Mg
Clove (Syzigium Aromaticus) 20Mg
Mace (Myristica Fragrans) 20Mg
Nutmeg (

Directions/How to use

Dosage/Suggested uses: 10-20g twice daily preferably with a glass of milk or to be taken under medical supervision.
Caution: Should not be consumed by patients suffering from diabetics. Store in a cool, dark & dry place.
Consume within 60 days once opened


Indication: Useful in loss of energy, memory weakness, anorexia, physical debility.

Made in India

Manufactured By

Patanjali Ayurved Ltd


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