• Mortein 2 Insta5 Cartridge (Refill)
  • Mortein 2 Insta5 Cartridge (Refill)
  • Mortein 2 Insta5 Cartridge (Refill)
  • Mortein 2 Insta5 Cartridge (Refill)
Mortein 2 Insta5 Cartridge (Refill)

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Chemical Composition: Transfluthrin a.i. 1.6% (w/w), Butylated Hydroxytoluene 1.0% (w/w), Perfume 1.0% (w/w), Deodorised Kerosene 96.4% (w/w), Total: 100.0% (w/w).

Product contents

MRP Rs.(138 - 39) = Rs.99
Net content: 2 x 35 ml each.

Directions/How to use

Precautions: While using the liquid doors and windows should be kept open. Keep the vaporiser away from reach of children. Antidote: Tteat symptomatically. No specific antidote. Anthihistamines may be given to control allergies.
Recommendations: It is a repellent insecddde used for the control of Mosquitoes/Houseflies in the household. Remove the cap and insert the liquid vaporiser bottle into the specially designed electric heating machine. Plug in and switch on the heater. For better results dose the doors and windows for 30 minutes initially. Liquid vaporiser bottle shall last for 45 nights on approved use of 8 hrs. per night Read enclosed leaflet carefully before use.
Poisoning: Nervousness, anxiety, tremor, convulsions, skin allergies, sneezing, running nose and irritation may occur.
First Aid: If ingested, induce vomiting with care to prevent asphyxiation. If skin is contaminated wash with plenty of water. Detailed information available in the leaflet.


Kills Mosquitoes

Made in India

Manufactured By


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