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  • Modi Naturals Rizolo Rice Bran Oil
  • Modi Naturals Rizolo Rice Bran Oil
Modi Naturals Rizolo Rice Bran Oil

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Oryzanol Reduces Cholesterol
Low Absorption
Free From Argemone Oil

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Physically Refined Rice Bran Oil Contains Permitted Antioxidants (319) & Antifoaming Agent (900A)

Directions/How to use

Store In A Cool Dry Place, Away From Direct Sunlight


Rizolo Brand Of Rice Bran Oil Is Extracted Within 24 Hours Of Receiving The Raw Material. It Helps Prevent Loss Of Anti-oxidants, Making Rizolo So Healthy.
Rule Of 36 - 36 Stringent Quality Checks Ensure Best Ever Quality.
Suitable For Diabetics - No Suga

Made in India

Manufactured By

Modi Naturals Limited

Nutrition Facts of Modi Naturals Rizolo Rice Bran Oil


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