• Modi Naturals Oleev Smart VitaFit Vegetable Oil
  • Modi Naturals Oleev Smart VitaFit Vegetable Oil
Modi Naturals Oleev Smart VitaFit Vegetable Oil

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Imported Refined Rapeseed Oil - Low Erucic Acid (Canola Oil), Physically Refined Rice Bran Oil.
Contains permitted antioxidant TBHQ(319) & Antifoaming Agent DMPS [900a].
Free from Argemone Oil.

Directions/How to use

Store in a cool, Dry place away from direct sunlight.


Go for a healthier alternative, live up to your ambitions and get ready to go beyond.
Unique VitaFit Formula
Super enriched formula of vitamins A, D, E & K, Oryzanol and Omega fatty acids. Antioxidant properties of vitamin A and E keep tissue in a healthy state and prevent cellular damage while Vitamin D helps in bone and muscles strength. Vitamin K aids in healing process. Oryzanol improves blood circulation and lower overall bad cholesterol levels. Also, Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 fatty acids along with other good lipids, support and promote heart health.
Sci Fry Technology
High smoke point and antioxidants make it suitable and stable while frying.
A light oil that gets absorbed up to 20% less

Made in India

Manufactured By

Modi Naturals Ltd.

Nutrition Facts of Modi Naturals Oleev Smart VitaFit Vegetable Oil


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