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  • Midascare Relispray
  • Midascare Relispray
  • Midascare Relispray
Midascare Relispray

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Composition %W/W
Wintergreen Tel 20.0
Karpura 10.0
Turpentine Oil 10.0
Nilgiri Ka Tel 6.0
Pudina Ka Phool 4.0
Lavang Ka Tel 1.0
Cinnamon Oil 0.5
Solvent & Propellant Q.S To 100.0

Directions/How to use

Instant Relief From Elbow Pain, Neck Pain, Tired Feet, Muscle Pain, Sprain, Joint Pain, Shoulder Pain, Backache And Bodyache.

Shake Well Before Each Use Spray Ihe Contents From 5 Cm Distance On The Effected Area, Cover The Sprayed Area With Clo T° Improv



Relispray Is A Unique Pain Relieving Spray. Its Deep Damage Repair Technology Penetrates To The Root Of The Pain, Heals Damaged Muscles And Keeps Pain Away Longer

keeps Pain Away Longer

Product of India

Manufactured By

MidasCare Pharmaceuticals


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