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Libero Pants

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Sikin Friendly Natural Ingredients
Size: XL

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Directions/How to use

1. Simple To Put On By Just Pulling Up Like Underwear.
2. Simple To Take Off By Just Tearing Apart.
3. Simple To Dispose By Just Rolling Up.
CAUTION: Do Not Flush Diapers Down The Toilet. Dispose Of With Household Wate. Keep Diapers And Bags Away From Op


Airy, Light And Thin With Naturally Soft Materials And Skin friendly Natural Ingredients.

" Evry Parent Wants To Give Their Baby All Their Love. At Libero, We Know That One Of The Most Important Tasks Of A Diapers To Sageguard Your Baby's Healthy Skin. A

Product of Malaysia

Manufactured By

SCA Hygiene Malaysia

Marketed By

SCA Hygiene Products India Pvt. Ltd.


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