• Jagat Royal Gold Basmati Rice
  • Jagat Royal Gold Basmati Rice
Jagat Royal Gold Basmati Rice

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Basmati Rice(1121)

Directions/How to use

Bring 1 Cup Of Rice And Soak In Water For 15 To 20 Minutes. Rinse And Drain Out The Water. Add 6-8 Cups Of Water Into Rice To Boil, Stirring Occasionally.
Reduce Heat And Boil Gently. Uncover For 8 To 10 Minutes. Drain Well And Serve.
Store In A Cool, Dry


JAGAT Royal Gold Basmati Rice Is One Of The Finest Rice. This Inspired Blend Of RARE AGED Basmati Has A Full AROMA. Smooth RICH CHARACTER And A Uniquely LONG FINISH Making It LIKE NO OTHER BASMATI RICE. It Is Processed & Packed Under Most HYGIENIC Conditi

Made in India

Manufactured By

Jagat Agro Commodities Pvt. Ltd.

Nutrition Facts of Jagat Royal Gold Basmati Rice


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