• India Gate Special Brown Rice
  • India Gate Special Brown Rice
India Gate Special Brown Rice

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Directions/How to use

Cooking Method:
Step.1 Measure 1 Cup (150g) Of Brown Rice And Gently Wash It Twice With Cold Water. Drain Water. Drain Water Completely.

Step.2 Place 3 Cups (450ml) Of Water In A Cooking Pan, On High Heat Bring Water Vigorous Boil.

Step.3 Add Washed Br


Rich Fibre.
Help You Stay Full Longer.
Healthier Than Brown Basmati Rice

Being Low Glycemic Index Food, India Gate Brown Provides A Slow Energy Refease-Keeping You Fuller For Long. Low Gi Food Also Control You Blood Sugar Levels And Help You Maintain A H

Product of India

Manufactured By

KRBL Limited

Marketed By

KRBL Limited

Nutrition Facts of India Gate Special Brown Rice


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