• Himani Navratna Cool Oil
  • Himani Navratna Cool Oil
  • Himani Navratna Cool Oil
Himani Navratna Cool Oil

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100% Ayurvedic

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Bacopa Monnieri - Wh.Pl, Acacia Concinna Pd. 16Mg Each, Pavonia Odorata - Rt.- 50Mg, Centella Asiatica Wh.Pl - 100Mg, Oil Of Mentha Sp.- Ol.- 500Mg, Cinnamomum Camphora - Satva - 500Mg, Toney Red, Quinazarine Green Ss, Base Q.S.
Each 100Ml: Cyperus Rotu

Directions/How to use

Apply Liberally On The Affected Part For Relief.
If The Symptoms Persist Even After Continuous Use Consult Physician.
Keep Out Of Reach Of Children. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.


1. Stress And Tension.
2. Headache And Migraine.
3. Sleeplessness
4. Body Ache And Joint Pain.
5. Premature Hair Fall And Unnatural Baldness.
6. Scalp Ailments Viz. Dandruff And Itching.
7. Minor Burns, Cuts And Bruises.
8. Sprain And Muscular Pain.
9. Ti

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Emami Limited


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