• Fortune Soya Chunks
  • Fortune Soya Chunks
  • Fortune Soya Chunks
  • Fortune Soya Chunks
Fortune Soya Chunks

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100% Vegetarian
No Artificial Colour
No Added Preservative

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Soya Flour

Directions/How to use

Step 1. Boil 1 Cup Of Fortune Nutritious Soya Chunks In 4 Cups Of Water And A Pinch Of Salt For 5 Minutes. Do Not Use Salt For Preparing Sweet Dishes.

Step 2. Now Drain The Water And Rinse The Chunks With Fresh Water.

Step 3. Lightly Squeeze Out The Exc


Fortune Soya Chunks Are A Boon For Vegetarians. These Wonder Chunks Are 100% Vegetarian, And Come With The Goodness Of Nine Essential Amino Acids Necessary For Healthy Growth. Fortune Soya Chunks Are A Healthy Food For Growing Children And Adults. These D

Product of India

Marketed By

Adani Wilmar

Nutrition Facts of Fortune Soya Chunks


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