• English Oven Burger Bun
  • English Oven Burger Bun
English Oven Burger Bun


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Veg Veg

Zero Trans Fat.

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Ingredients: Wheat Flour (Maida), Water, Sugar, Wheat Gluten, Edible Vegetable Oils (Palm), Yeast, Iodised Salt, Soya Flour, Sesame Seed, Class II Preservative (282), Acidity Regulator (260), Emulsifiers (471, 471e, 481 (i)), Improvers (170(i), 510, 923, 1100) and Antioxidant (300).
(Numbers in brackets are as per International Numbering System).

Directions/How to use

Storage: Store in cool, dry and hygienic conditions, away from sunlight.


Baking has always been my passion. Passion brings with it, purity, detail and perfection. In my quest to bring you the best breads, I have brought together my original homemade reicpes, carefully selected golden grains and the pureness of handpicked ingredients. Baked at my bakeries from the hands of master bakers, I bring to your home this carefully crafted English Oven Burger Bun. From my home to yours. With love.

Made in India

Manufactured By

MRS. Bectors Food Specialities LTD.


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