• Disha The Current Affairs Yearbook 2018 for Competitive Exams - UPSC/ State PCS/ SSC/ Banking/ Insurance/ Railways/ BBA/ MBA/ Defence - 3rd Edition
Disha The Current Affairs Yearbook 2018 for Competitive Exams - UPSC/ State PCS/ SSC/ Banking/ Insurance/ Railways/ BBA/ MBA/ Defence - 3rd Edition


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Product contents

Table of Contents
• India at a Glance: Social-Economic-Political (Infographics)
• World at a Glance: Social-Economic-Political (Infographics)
• Emerging Trends
• Causes & Effects
• Game Changers
• Global Economic Outlook
• The Debate Goes on
• Quote & Unquote
• Mysteries Unsolved
• SWOT ANALYSIS –Indian Social Climate
• SWOT ANALYSIS –Indian Economic Climate
• SWOT ANALYSIS –Indian Political Climate
• Who's Who
• Book & Authors 2017
• Popular Terms
• Important Appointments in 2017
• Awards & Honors 2017
• Obituaries 2017
• Article: Character of person is shaped by religion or education.
• Article: Money laundering: Its genesis and impacts on world economy.
• Top 20
• Article: The foundation for Job Creation has been laid by the government
• Article: India-Japan Relations: changing dynamics to combat China.
• National Events Diary 2017
• International Events Diary 2017
• Union Budget 2017-18
• Article: Article-35A must be abolished to restore a unified India.
• Article: India has lost the opportunity to take lead over China
• Bills & Acts in 2017
• Policies & Schemes in 2017
• Article: The future of Aadhar
• PEOPLE in 2017
• EVENTS in 2017
• Article: US withdrawal from Paris Agreement won't affect the fight against Climate Change?
• ISSUES in 2017
• Article: GST is changing the Socio-economic fabric of India.
• IDEAS in 2017
• Coming up in 2018


The thoroughly updated 3rd edition of the book Current Affairs 2018 captures the Most Important Events, Issues, Ideas & People of 2017 in a very lucid ans student friendly manner. It is essential for aspirants to keep themselves updated as just knowing things can get them more marks in such exams. Moreover Current Affairs prove to be very important tool to handle GD and PI.
It comes in handy for the aspirants of UPSC, SSC, Banking, Insurance, Railways, Engg. Services and AFCAT etc. Infographics, Charts and MindMaps have facilitated information quickly and clearly. The information provided is in line with the analysis of previous years' competitive exams papers which will help aspirants update on all happenings across India and the world.
Salient Features of the book:
• Global Economic Outlook.
• The India - SWOT Analysis - covers the social, political & economic aspects.
• Timeline 2017 - covering the timeline of important dates from Jan - Dec 2017 of India and the World.
• Bills & Acts - Provides features and details of the bills and acts that were passed in 2017.
• Policies & Schemes - Provides features and details of the policies and schemes that were launched in 2017.
• Top 500 - covering the Top 500 People, Events, Ideas and Issues that raised their head in 2017.
• Analytical Articles - capturing the hottest of the issues of 2017.
• Emerging Trends features the most significant news that captured the attention of people.
• Cause & Effects illustrates the causes and effects of the various things that occurred in 2017.

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