• Disha Perfect Genius Tiny Toddlers Skill based Worksheets for Nursery - Science, Maths, Art, Craft, English (Ages 3-5)
Disha Perfect Genius Tiny Toddlers Skill based Worksheets for Nursery - Science, Maths, Art, Craft, English (Ages 3-5)


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Product contents

Table of Contents
Book 1 - Beginners Level
UNIT I: EVS - Be informed
UNIT II: English - Language Brains
UNIT III : Art and Craft - Little hands at work
Unit IV : Logical thinking - Sight flight–
Unit V: Social Values : Mend your ways
Unit VI – Puzzles - Zip Zap Zoop
Book 2 – Expert Level
Unit I : EVS - Go green
Unit II: Maths - Mental arithmetic
Unit III: Science - The scientific world
Unit IV: Art and Craft - Creative hands
Unit V : Social values - My country
Unit VI: Moral values - Parent's slice
Stick-ons Pool
Solution Plot


• Perfect Genius Tiny Toddlers series of books are fully aligned with the National Curriculum Framework (NCF). Hence it is a unique integrated product where right balance has been drawn into academics and skills. It is a set of 2 books - Beginners and Experts. The books are prepared by a team of experts in Pre–primary education under the guidance of ex–IITians.
• The Tiny toddler’s worksheets are based on the Howard Gardener’s level of multiple intelligence. This has Eight intelligence parameters.
(i) Logical-mathematical intelligence
(ii) Visual -Spatial intelligence
(iii) Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence
(iv) Verbal linguistics
(v) Interpersonal intelligence
(vi) Intrapersonal intelligence
(vii) Naturalist intelligence
(viii) Musical intelligence
These parameters will help in judging the skills of each and every child while working on it.
• Both the books contain 40 worksheets encompassing the various skills/ intelligences.
• This book will help the child to prepare themselves for success in school. It has stick-ons based worksheets also which make the learning easier for preschoolers.
• This book has picture and illustration based worksheets, art and craft worksheets, maze puzzles and dot-to-dot puzzles, brainstorming worksheets. This attracts the focus of every child and will keep your child involved.
• It also contains the performance grading stars (Good, Wonderful and Excellent). It will helps the parents to judge the performance of their child.
• Content of this book will help your child to enhance eye - hand coordination, emotional skills, fine motor skills, motor skills, logical thinking and problem solving abilities.
• The books have been prepared in a manner that will build great values and morals in your child.

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