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  • Disha Perfect Genius English, Mathematics, Science & Social Science Worksheets for Class 5 (based on Bloom's taxonomy)
Disha Perfect Genius English, Mathematics, Science & Social Science Worksheets for Class 5 (based on Bloom's taxonomy)


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Product contents

Part - I : Science
1. Plants
2. Animals
3. Interdependence Between Living and Non - Living Things
4. Human Body System
5. Food, Health and Disease
6. Air and Water
7. Some Important Concepts (State of Matter / Work Force and Energy / Light and Sound)

Part II : Social
8. Our Clothes
9. Shelter
10. Conservation of Natural Resources
11. Transport and Communication
12. The Earth
13. Map and its Language
14. Travel and Tourism
15. Indian Heritage and Monuments
16. Natural Calamities
17. Freedom Fighter
18. Public Service
19. Social Issues
20. Our Society
21. National Symbols and Memorable Days


Perfect Genius is a collection of self-indulging user friendly worksheets (designed in 4 colour format) which is based on Bloom’s Taxonomy. As per the Bloom’s Taxonomy, there are six learning stages which shows the shift from the lower order thinking skills towards the higher order thinking skills - Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis, Evaluation & Creation. Perfect Genius formative Activity Worksheets for Class 5 (based on Bloom's taxonomy) is the scientifically designed workbooks for Sciences (including Social Science), English & Mathematics, which has the following features: Fulfils all requirements of formative assessment for the CCE (Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation) system of education.Unlike regular books which try only to find out how much a child knows, the Perfect Genius worksheets measure how well a student has understood concepts.Covers 340 skills in the form of 140 worksheets on Sciences (including Social Science), English and Mathematics.The solutions to the 340 worksheets are provided at the end of the workbooks.The workbooks follow the chapter plan of NCERT books (based on NCF 2005). There are 2 parts in the workbook - Science & Social Science.In Sciences, Science part has been divided into 7 chapters containing 49 worksheets whereas Social Science has been divided into 10 chapters containing 91 worksheets.These worksheets have been classified in the 6 learning stages of Bloom's Taxonomy.

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