• Dhananjay Madhujita Syrup
  • Dhananjay Madhujita Syrup
  • Dhananjay Madhujita Syrup
Dhananjay Madhujita Syrup


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Useful: Diebetic control and recover of its side effects.

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Contains 10ml: Bahera 50mg, Jamun Beej 100mg, Kutki 100mg, Neem Patar 200mg, Guduchi 100mg, Amla 100mg, Karela 200mg, Asavagandha 100mg, Gokharu 200mg, Methidana 100mg, Nagarmotha 100mg, Chirayta 100mg, Harad 100mg, Haldi 100mg, Gulab Patar 100mg, Alover 5ml.

Class II Preservatice (E-211)

Directions/How to use

Shake well before use.

Don't buy / use if bottle is puffed.


Ayurveds's 16 herbs added to Aloevera makes Dhananjay Madhujita Syrup, effective even in most chronic Diabetes.

Madhujita contains Ashwagandha which helps rejunvinate Body & Mind. aloevera is effective in diabetes it also enhances quality of other herbs.

Madhujita can be administered even if you are taking other medicines.

Made in India

Manufactured By

Gagan Pharmaceuticals.


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