• Dermi Cool Prickly Heat Citrus Powder
  • Dermi Cool Prickly Heat Citrus Powder
Dermi Cool Prickly Heat Citrus Powder

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Bacteriostatic formula, dual action instant cooling relief.

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Powders: Jasat Bhasma 10% W/W, Tankan Amla 3%W/W, Yavanala (Zea Mays) Fr.Satva 10% W/W, Vetasa (Salix Caprea) Bk. Ext. 1.5% W/W, Cooling Talc Base Q.S To 100%
Referance: Rasaratan Samuchaya, Rasa Tarangini, Arya Bhishak, Rasatantra Sara Va Siddha Prayoga

Directions/How to use

Usage: Sprinkle Dermicool Prickly Heat Powder Om The Affected Area For Relief From Prickly Heat, Itching Sensation, Heat Rash And Burning Sensation. Its Unique Double Action Formula Has Bacteriostatic Ingredients Which Control Bacterial Growth And Infecti


Indications: For Effective Treatment Of Prickly Heat And Long Lasting Cooling Relief From Accompanied Stinging, Burning And Itching Of Skin Also Provides Relief When Suffering From Dhobi Itch & Athlete'S Foot.

Made in France


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