• Del Monte Tangy Tartare Dip
  • Del Monte Tangy Tartare Dip
  • Del Monte Tangy Tartare Dip
Del Monte Tangy Tartare Dip

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Edible Vegetable Oil, Water, Gherkin Relish, Sugar Milk Solids Iodized Salt, Acidity Regulators (Ins270, Ins260, Ins330), Thickeners (Ins 415, Ins 1442) Preservatives (Ins 202, Ins 211), Sequwstrant (Ins 385) Contains Permitted Natural Colour [Ins160A (Ii

Directions/How to use

It Serves As A Perfect Accompaniment For Fried Snacks Like Potato Wedges And Onion Rings.
It Is An ExceHent Dip To Serve With Fish Fingers, Fish 8 Chips And Continental Seafood Snacks.
It Can Also Be Used As A Salad Dressing Or Sandwich Filler.
Store In A


It Can Be Served Directly On Food Or Used As A Dipping Sauce. When Added To Veggies, It Becomes A Great Dressing For A Simple Salad.
Oel Monte Tangy Tartare Dip Packs In The Right Balance Of Sharp Piquancy And Creamy Texture, Which Makes It The Ideal Choi

Product of India

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Fieldfresh Foods Private Limited

Nutrition Facts of Del Monte Tangy Tartare Dip


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