• Del Monte Red Cherries
  • Del Monte Red Cherries
  • Del Monte Red Cherries
  • Del Monte Red Cherries
Del Monte Red Cherries


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In 20% Sugar Syrup When Packed
No Preservatives

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Cherries, Water, Sugar, Firming Agent (Ins 509),
Contains Permitted Synthetic Food Colour (Ins 127).

Directions/How to use

Store In A Cool And Dry Place.
Refrigerate Unused Protion In A Covered Glass Or Plastic Not Use Swollen/puffed/leaked CANS.


Del Monte Pineapple Is Hand Picked And Packed On The Same Day, Every Time. And Because Our Pineapple Is Always Packed At The Peak Of Ripeness, We Lock In Its Sweet Taste And Nutrients. So Add Some Del Monte Pineapple To Your Everyday Dishes And Make Your

Product of Turkey

Manufactured By

Frigo-pak Gida Maddeleri San.

Marketed By

FieldFresh Foods Private Limited.

Nutrition Facts of Del Monte Red Cherries


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