• Babaji Khatta Meetha
  • Babaji Khatta Meetha
Babaji Khatta Meetha


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Veg Veg
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Edible Vegetable Oil (31%), Rice (Flakes 16%, Flour 1%), Sugar Powder (14%), Husked Gram (Flour 9.5%, Pluse 3.5%). Peanuts (5.25%), Peas (5%), Lentil (3.5%), Husked Dew Gram (3.25%), Sago (3%), Iodised Salt (1.5%), Spices (Carom Seeds, Turmeric And Dry Ma

Directions/How to use

Keep The Material In Air Tight Container Once Opened.


Zip Lock

Product of India

Manufactured By

Lamba Food Products

Nutrition Facts of Babaji Khatta Meetha


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