• Amul Lite Bread Spread
  • Amul Lite Bread Spread
  • Amul Lite Bread Spread
  • Amul Lite Bread Spread
Amul Lite Bread Spread

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  • 145.00
Veg Veg

Low fat.
Low Cholesterol.
No Harmful Trans Fats Enriched With Vitamins A & D.
Free from Argemone Oil.

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Ingredients: Refined Vegetable Oils, Milk Fat, Common Salt, Milk Solids, Emulsifiers (E322), Stabilizer (E471), Class II Preservatives (E 202), Acidity Regulator (E 330) & Antioxidant (E 319).

Vitamin A not less than 30 IU per gm Vitamin D not less than 2 IU per gm.

Contains permitted natural colour (E 160 b) and natural & nature identical flavouring substances. Annatto colour in oil (mustard oil /sunflower oil) used.
Contains Mufa & Pufa

Contains CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acids).

Directions/How to use

Storage: Keep under refrigeration.


Lower Fat and Cholesterol than Butter and Ghee.
Lower Fat and Calories than Margarine.

Made in India

Manufactured By

Co-op. Milk Producers Union Ltd

Nutrition Facts of Amul Lite Bread Spread


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