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All out Ultra Refill

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Kills Mosquitoes Causing Malaria Chikungunya Dengue.

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Transfluthrin 0.88% (W/W) Liquid Vaporiser (Household Insecticide) All Out Ultra Refill
Chemical Composition: Transfluthrin 0.88% (W/W), Butylated Hydroxy Toluene 1.0% (W/W) (Bht). Perfume 1.0% (W/W), Deodorised Kerosene 97.12% (W/W). Total: 100.0% (W/W).

Product contents

2 nos. liquid refill 45ml

Directions/How to use

Please Read Enclosed Leaftlet Before Use.

Doors And Windows Should Be Kept Open While Using.
1. Keep Away From Foodstuffs, Empty Foodstuff Containers And Animal's Food, 2. Avoid Contact With Mouth, Eyes And Skin, 3. Avoid Inhalation While Using. 4. Keep


Antidote: No Specific Antidote Is Known, Treat Symptomatically. Antihistamines May Be Given To Control Allergies. Recommendations: Recommended For Use To Control/repel Adult Mosquitoes In House.

ways To Protect Yourself From Mosquitoes
•Plug-in The Heate

Product of India

Manufactured By

Sc Johnson Products Pvt. Ltd.


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