• All out Anti Dengue Coil
  • All out Anti Dengue Coil
  • All out Anti Dengue Coil
All out Anti Dengue Coil


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Super Size.
D-trans Allethrin Formula
kills Dengue Mosquitoes

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D-Trans Allethrin 0.1°O(W/W) Mosquito Coil (12 Hours Min) (Household Insecticide)

Chemical Composition (°O W/W),
D- Trans Allethrin A.I. 0.100°O
Wood Floor Q.S.°O
Coconut Shell Powder 40.000%
Starch Binder Genapcl L088 Emulsifier (Octaoxy Ethylene 10.0

Product contents

10 + 4 coils, and 1 metal stand.
40% extra.

Directions/How to use

Mosquito Coil Is Recommended For The Control Of Adult Mosquitoes In The House. Coil Burning Time Is Up To 12 Hours Under Draught Free Condition.
Keep Away From Children, Food And Feedstuff, Avoid Contact With Mouth. Keep Out Of Reach Of Children.
keep In


• Gets Rid Of Mosquitoes Fast And Maintains A Mosquito Free Home.
• Protects You And Your Family From Mosquitoes That Transmit Dengue.
• Effective Against Mosquitoes That Transmit Malaria And Chikungunya.

treat Symptomatically. If Ingested Carry Out Gast

Product of India

Manufactured By

Sc Johnson Products Pvt. Ltd.

Marketed By

Sc Johnson Products Pvt. Ltd.


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