How to make Green Mint & Coriander Chutney

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Summer is here and here’s one of the greenest & easiest way to kill the heat.

Pudina Aur Dhaniya Chutney

Add green, fresh and tangy touch to any food or snack at breakfast, lunch or dinner or at snack time. It is simple and tasty yet people forget to add it to their daily rations. Get the highest from cheapest yet most used garnish in India – Coriander. No one can have Samosas without mint chutney. Make quick & easy mint chutney at home and have it with poha, sandwiches, paranthas or chapatti rolls. One can use it as side / addition to any meal. Use it as dip for tortillas, chips or crotons.

Step 1

Wash the coriander & mint leaves. Add them to a mixer blender.

Step 2

Add green chillies, green portion of green onion, cumin seeds, salt and lemon juice.

Step 3

Grind it and serve with food. (Add water if the mixture is thick or according to consistency required)

Hint : Green onion is not necessary for the chutney. Please keep the chutney in refrigerator after use especially in summers.

Golgappe or Jaljeera Water: One can mix the above chutney in water, add salt and lemon as per water addition, to make sour water for Golgappe or Jaljeera. Just soak some boondi in water and add it to the above.

Recipe by Garima Singal - She is lively and fun-loving person, co-founder with Master’s degree. She loves visiting places and enjoys adventure sports. Health conscious women who looks for healthy alternatives everywhere, which leads to creation and inventions of her homemade recipes.

  • 10 Min
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  • Skill: Medium


Adjust Servings:
Fresh Mint Leaves | Pudina pattey: 1 Bunch
Fresh Coriander Leaves | Dhaniya pattey: 1 Bunch
Green Chilies: 2
Green Onion Leaves: Leaves or green portion of 2 green onion
Lemon: ½ to 1 lemon juice
Cumin Seeds: ½ tea spoon
Salt to Taste