How warm water prevents Heart Attacks

This blog not only focuses on importance of warm water but it is also about Heart Attack.

Do you know ? People from China & Japan usually drink hot tea after lunch and dinner and not cold water. Now, we should also follow them because of the benefits of lukewarm water especially after lunch / dinner. This blog comes as a warning for people who love to drink cold water after lunch / dinner.

You will be shocked to know that drinking cold water after eating is very dangerous because it converts the oily substance of food into solid and that results in slow digestion. When these resultant solid substances of food react with acids produced by our body, they break apart and get absorbed by intestines faster than solid food. This broken matter accumulates inside intestines and soon transforms into fat, and this can be one of the causes of development of Cancer.

Hence, it is very beneficial to drink hot soup or lukewarm water after eating. One should also drink one glass of lukewarm water everyday before sleep to stay healthy. This prevents from clotting of blood and heart attack.
This blog is from a heart specialist (Dr. Naresh Trahan) from Gurgaon - Medanta Hospital.