Health benefits of onion

Onion the staple food of Indian kitchen. We are running a promotion on Brownbag which says - Roz Khao KANDA, bahut hai Manda. This is not the only reason we eat onions though this is one of the reasons one may eat onion. Here are few reasons we should include onion in our regular diet period:

  1. 1. Onions are very good for your body and skin.
  2. 2. Onions are full of essential vitamins like Vitamin C, B4, B5, B1, B5, B1, B2, E, B9 & K.
  3. 3. Onions Can slow down the ageing of arteries and veins.
  4. 4. Onions reduce cholesterol.
  5. 5. Onions can cure ear-ache and acne.
  6. 6. Onions neutralise bad odour. Just cut an onion and leave it in room for 10 hours and throw it after use.