Hall of Fame (RHA Donators)

Shweta Khalkho
Meenakshi sethi
Mrs and Mr mittal
Vikash Shekhar
Srishti Bansal
Nihareeka Shukla
Ratna aggarwal
Bhawna Aggarwal
Nidhi Sharma
Sucheta Sharma
Mrs & Mr Gaur
Usha bisht
Neetu Gupta
Tushar Dass
Mrs and Mr. Nirupam Paul
Nishant Singh
Alok Deep
Mrs and Mr Katoch
Kavita Sharma

Food Donation Drive From 10th to 15th August 2019

Terms and Conditions

  • 1. Download iOs App Or Download android App
  • 2.Choose Location: Sector7 Dwarka, Delhi
  • 3.Choose Society: Brownbag RHA Drive & put BBRHA in flat number
  • 4.Select anything you want to contribute & pay, we will pass on your donation as our Brownbag Warehouse is RHA Warehouse for this FOOD DRIVE. We have put Pulse Atta & Rice at affordable rates to DONATE, look out for BBRHA Brand.
  • 5.Minimum payable is Rs.200 - if less than 200 is used to DONATE then rest can be refunded (on request ) to Original method of Payment in 2 working days.

PS : One can contribute anytime before 15th AUGUST