Q1. How do I register?
Ans. You can register by clicking on the "Register" link on the homepage. Please provide the information in the form that appears.
Q2. Can I have multiple registrations?
Ans. Each email address and contact number can only be associated with one brownbag account.
Q3. Can I add more than one delivery address in an account?
Ans. Yes, you can add multiple delivery addresses in your brownbag account. However, remember that all items placed in a single order can only be delivered to one address. If you want different products delivered to different address you need to place them as separate orders.


Q1. What is Store Pickup option
Ans. Pick –up orders can be placed only at that store that allows order by pick –up mode. You have to visit that particular store(s) to pick your order. You can visit the store as soon as 15 minutes. Pick –up orders are always prepaid, but can be cancelled anytime and you will get the complete refund.
Q2. How soon can I pickup after placing the order?
Ans. The pick –up availability entirely depends on the store. It varies from store to store. In most cases the order can be picked in 15 minutes.
Q3. Do I have to pay online or pay at store during pickup?
Ans. All pick –up orders are prepaid.
Q4. What if I am unable to pick-up the items I ordered?
Ans. You can cancel your order using the website/mobile application.
Q5. My pickup order was cancelled. Why?
Ans. The seller can cancel your order in rare circumstances. The chief reasons being the unavailability of item(s) or the item(s) is/are damaged. If you are unable to pick-up your order within 4 hours of your defined time then the seller may cancel the order as well. In such scenario please contact vendor or us to prevent the cancellation of the order.


Q1. What if I find an item which is not priced correctly?
Ans. You can write to us via the option of “incorrect information” on the product description page or drop an email at
Q2. Who sets the price of items?
Ans. Individual sellers are responsible for the listing of the products and the listing of their prices.
Q3. Why in few cases MRP shown on Product Picture is different from MRP shown by Brownbag?
Ans. This happens when product picture was taken earlier and the price shown in the picture is not valid anymore as manufacturer has changed the price. This is very common. Therefore, please do not follow the price on the picture for any product as picture is for describing features & give information about the product. We only update the picture when there is a significant change in the look & features of the product. MRP shown on item listing is current with the actual MRP of the product.


Q1. What if I want to change my delivery location?
Ans. If the changed delivery location is within the same sector/area then drop an email with your order details at and the same would be processed accordingly. However such an option can be exercised before the order is out for delivery. Change of location outside the previously defined area/sector is not permissible. In such circumstances please cancel and re-order.
Q2. What if I want to change my delivery time?
Ans. Please call our customer care service.
Q3. Is there any delivery charge?
Ans. For premium delivery flat delivery charges will be levied as per the stores.
Q4. Why delivery time varies from seller to seller?
Ans. It depends on the store opening timings and the number of orders the stores can process.
Q5. Why only one time slot is shown for all stores for today and/or tomorrow delivery.
Ans. All the orders from various stores will be delivered together within the selected time slot for today and/or tomorrow delivery.
Q6. What does it mean by ‘today delivery’ or ‘tomorrow delivery’ for a store?
Ans. “Today delivery” means that if delivery slots are available then the delivery will be done today itself. Such a delivery would be free. Similarly “tomorrow delivery” means that if delivery slots are available then delivery will take place tomorrow. To convert “tomorrow delivery” into “today delivery” a premium is charged.


Q1. What if I want to cancel my order?
Ans. For delivery mode you can cancel the order anytime before the order is out for delivery. For pick-up mode the order can be cancelled anytime. The cancellation can be done via website/mobile app.
Q2. What if I want to change my order?
Ans. For any such changes call our customer service.
Q3. Can I place the order from multiple stores together?
Ans. Yes.
Q4. What if the item I ordered is not in the store?
Ans. Write/request us at


Q1. What if I want to return few items or What if I am not satisfied with my purchased items?
Ans. The item(s) can be refused/returned at the time of delivery if you are not satisfied with the quality. You can contact our customer care service and refer to our return policy. For return of pick-up order contact the concerned seller.
Q2. What is your return policy?
Ans. Please click here.
Q3. My question is not answered here?
Ans. Please contact our customer service or write to us at


Q1. Why a store has rejected the order placed online?
Ans. The concerned store can cancel the order at its discretion. The main reasons being that the item is not in stock or if in stock it is damaged or the store is closed due to unforeseen circumstances.
Q2. I am searching for a product. But there is none. What to do?
Ans. The product may not be sold by the store in your area. Drop us a request at if you want your request to be processed.