Brownbag Achievement

Brownbag Achievement

Srikant Ranjan

This is a brain child of Srikant Ranjan and Garima Singal. Srikant, being a B. Tech IIT Kharagpur alumnus, MS & PhD from University of Florida, had a strong desire to create something, which would impact masses. Garima on the other hand, an MBA in Finance from IP University, experienced professional of marketing, finance & operations had all the tools required to manage a business. After their graduation, both worked in the US before coming back to India in 2012. During this particular phase, there was a bit of a slack when it came to purchasing grocery items. They had to visit nearly ten different stores to pick up a single item...

Garima Singal

Further adding to this, Garima says “Our clients include housewife’s, who are creating their own customized cakes, fresh homemade chocolates, cookies etc.” In fact, Brownbag is the only platform that provides an opportunity for a genuine seller to sell his products to local customers.